Send us pictures of “your” sky

bn2812.pngWe all live under the same sky. But it looks different for every single one of us. Our pictures on “Himmel Remixed“ document how we see the sky. We are curious to know how you see it. So we thought we set up an extra page in our blog where we post pictures of the sky you send us. We look forward to your e-mails..

To make this as transparent and enjoyable as possible for everyone we set up a few rules – so here is the small print:

1. The picture you send in should show the sky.
2. Please do not show people in your picture.
3. It should be no larger than 5 MB.
4. Don’t forget the description. We will post your picture with the following information:

  • The scene’s location.
  • Your name the way you want us to post it.

5. Send your picture with the required information to mypicture(aed)

We will go through your submissions and will decide which photos will be published in a special section of our blog. No claims can be made for unpublished photos. Please be aware that by sending your e-mail, you guarantee that you took the picture and that you own the rights to, and are allowing the publication of the submitted photo. We reserve the right to exclude images that do not comply with these rules regarding rights.

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